Pozzi Lab 2 – Flex furniture

Commonly called foam rubber, the flexible polyurethane for cold moulding, in its variations of softness and mechanical performance, fulfils the essential and irreplaceable role to obtain convoluted shapes in one shot.

This product is commonly used to produce cushions, arms and seatbacks for chairs, armchairs and sofas.

The alternative, with the block flexible foam, comprises an elaborate and onerous work of cut/paste.
This system allows positioning inserts directly into the mold before molding (support frames for final assembly, reinforcing elastic straps and much more).
The production formulations of Pozzi-Arosio contains no TDI, we try in this way to interpret the increasing demand of chemical products which use involves a lower risk for the professional user and a lower environmental impact.
Both high and low pressure foaming machines are used for the production.

Armchairs, sofas and complements.

The production in cold mold through the FLEXIBLE polyurethane system offers to the designers the chance to realize seating objects with convoluted shapes in an easier way compared to the traditional processing assuring at the same time a high quality level of the finished item.
Our company offers the LAB service involving a complete “turnkey” assistance from project to production of items.
The formulate AROFLEX of POZZI-AROSIO is used to produce seating objects such as armchairs, sofas, and much else.

the production process

The production process provides some stages of preparation of the mold with dedicated products:
• A special mix of solvent especially produced go grant the optimal release of final piece.
• A special coating is spreading on the mold.
• Metal insert are fitting on the mold before to close it.
• Polyurethane System is spread into the mold with dosing machine- high or low pressure.
• The correct choice of Polyurethane System will generate the better result and optimal characteristics.



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