A varied and complete range of all other different polyurethane systems realized by Pozzi-Arosio.

The main division into the different formulates is between rigid and flexible systems.

Then, gathered in two macro-categories, the polyurethane systems.

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Rigid Systems

This polyurethane foam uses RIM and RRIM technology to inject foam over a support structure. Such parts have a high mechanical performance and can replace many types of techno polymers and thermosetting, such as car or truck bumpers. Parts are usually black or grey, and processed in automated-cycle machines. Using RRIM technology, molded parts can be formed from glass reinforced polymers. Also wide-surface and thin parts can be produced.
Rigid Systems use high and low pressure dosing machines (Saip Equipment).


Structural polyurethane is used to produce parts with a support structure, particularly lightweight parts. This is achieved by increasing density of the foam, from the inside to the outside. Mold temperature ranges from 45 to 65°C, preferably made of metal. The RIM technology is used to obtain extremely precise objects in terms of dimensions. This polyurethane foam is widely used “for cast”.
Structural Rigid polyurethane uses both high and low pressure dosing machines (Saip Equipment).

Low density rigid form

The low density rigid system, expanded through water, has a final density range between 30 to 80 g/l, and is mainly used as thermal insulation or for filling parts with a light internal fill. To be compliant with fire safety standards, flameproof additives can be used. The foam is injected hot/cold at surface temperatures not higher than 80°C. Parts commonly made by this method include: coolant parts for industrial applications, air cooling, home and industrial refrigerators, sandwich panels, boiler tank insulation and convoluted shapes such as pillars and furniture for theatres, cinemas.
Low Density Rigid polyurethane uses both high and low pressure dosing machines (Saip Equipment).


This is a specific method that mirrors technology used for thermoplastics. Due to the viscosity of the system, millimetres of polyurethane can be applied to a part’s surface in the mold. The movement of the mold on 2 axis allows the foam to lightly wet the mold surface and create the thickness. The processing cycle time ranges from 10 to 14 minutes.
High or low pressure dosing machines can be used for the production (Saip Equipment).


Aropack is a versatile foam used in the packaging industry to create a foamed impression around packed parts and hold parts in position. The Aropack system uses a dispenser, equipped with a self-cleaning cartridge connected to dispensing pumps, that together with an automated diagnosis system and computerized control system assures consistent quality.

The main benefits of the Aropack foam are:
• Ease of use
• Reduced warehouse space – Aropack foam expands up to 150 times, so two barrels of raw material can produce foam enough for one 20’container.
• Flexibility – Aropak foam conforms to any shape, making it possible to protect any shape
• Maximum Protection
• Speed – one quick shot and a part is packed in a box
• Economic
• Recycling


Low density foam.
The low density spray rigid polyurethane is better than the traditional insulation methods.
It offers:
• insulation without thermal bridges even in case of convoluted shape and/or very wide surfaces,
• foam adhesion to the surface to be insulated, also ceilings and vertical walls;
• fast execution.

PU SPRAY is applied like paint, the difference lies in the fact that the polyurethane expands and solidifies. material holds on to the support creating a monolithic coating on both plane and convoluted surfaces, irrespective of position or inclination. Thousand-square-metre surfaces such as industrial warehouses can be insulated against hot and cold without any junction and therefore without thermal bridges, in a very short time. Following intervention to change structures can be carried out without any difficulty and insulated again by spraying PU on the pre-existing one. Even if created for building, these systems can be also applied to petrochemical plants or tank ships, for insulation of big round tanks and can be directly carried out in-house thus eliminating difficulties and high costs of transport. Both high and low pressure foaming machines are used to produce items through this system.

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Flexible systems

visco elastic
This polyurethane system is used for particular applications such as mattresses and pillows allowing to produce molded products with a density ranging from 50/80 grams/liters. The AROFLEX SMB system offers a very moderate resistance to crushing indeed, once pressed, it slowly takes back its original shape. The molded product has usually a neutral colour.
Both low pressure dosing machines are used to employ this polyurethane foam (Saip Equipment).

semi-rigid foam

The semi-rigid foams can be applied to many different sectors. They are products that combines a rigid consistency under normal conditions with an elastic response if subject to impact. In addition, the molded product is lightweight, with a density generally ranging from 80 to 160 g/l. These foams allow the production of molded products able to absorb strong energies (resistance to crushing) with rather moderate deformations. These polyurethane foams are used in molding bumpers, potentially together with/to reinforce the polypropylene molded products. The sport sector offers multiple chances of application thanks to the molded products lightweight, in particular when the formulate shall have a high resistance to compression but not to stretch. This system is commonly applied to production of helmets, reinforcements for sport clothing (shoulders, knees and back), targets and animal outlines for archery.
Both high and low pressure dosing machines are used for the production (Saip Equipment)


Rubber products with a hardness ranging from 40 to 80 Shore A, for applications where mechanical performance does not require extreme operating temperatures. We have developed bi-component systems based on substantially linear polymers have been developed, offering very good performance.
Used for applications such as rollers, road retarders, bumpers, inserts for safety clothing, grips and handles, and furniture. If used for exposed pieces, parts are usually black but for high visibility items, parts can be painted.
Both high and low pressure dosing machines are used for the production (Saip Equipment).


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