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What are the main applications for polyurethane?

Rigid and flexible polyurethanes, in addition to be used in many common objects (steering wheel, filters, stuffed furniture, furniture complements, ceiling and wall decoration, fabrics etc…) are also used in medical applications and surgical prosthesis (dialysis filters, artificial hearts, etc.)

What are the characteristics of polyurethane?

The general characteristics of polyurethanes are:
• Thermosetting polymers
• Chemically inert
• Biologically inert
• Non-biodegradable
• Good and versatile mechanical properties
• Excellent thermal, sound and electric insulations
• Excellent adhesive

Is polyurethane considered a toxic waste?

No, indeed polyurethane foam is physiologically and chemically inert, insoluble and non-metabolisable. Under normal conditions, the polyurethane foams, emit no vapours or toxic fumes and do not need particular precautions during handling.

Are special machines required to produce polyurethane products?

High and low pressure dosing machines are used to produce polyurethane items that are customized according to the project requests. www.saipequipment.it

What type of molds are used to produce polyurethane products?

Epoxy resin and metal molds are used to produce polyurethane items and silicone rubber molds are used for particular productions where there are undercut profiles or details hard to be copied (such as wood grain, leather, stone, camouflage, tech or customized drawings).

What type of paint is used to finish or decorate polyurethane?

Water-based, polyurethane or acrylic paints are used for polyurethane products finishing. DIP-PRINT technology is used for quality and customized decorations.

Is it true that polyurethane is an excellent insulation material?

Yes. A 9,6 cm insulation layer of polyurethane has the same insulation capacity of 80 cm of perforated bricks.
In order to keep the same insulation coefficient K = 0.45 it is used a polyurethane thickness of 40mm instead of 66mm of extruded polystyrene, 84mm of cork, 144mm of wool.
According to its use on a large-scale it is calculated that in 15 years there have been 75% saving on energy used in European houses. (source ISOPA.org)

Can polyurethane be used to insulate refrigerators?

Yes. Polyurethane foam is widely used for insulation and thanks to its application today’s refrigerators with A++ rating are 60% more efficient than those of 15 years ago.

How do polyurethanes expand?

Both components Isocyanate and Polyol when create polyurethane and the product of their reaction can have a volume from 0 to 150 times larger than the initial volume of both components.


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