The POZZI INDUSTRIES GROUP ( www.pozziindustriesgroup.it ), always sensitive to market demands, has developed, in recent months, a new integrated solution for the production of professional refrigerators employed in the medical sector for the storage and transport at low temperatures of the anti-covid vaccine. Today, this type of refrigerator is required by the Pfizer vaccine but, in the near future, the other vaccines placed on the market will also need “special” professional coolers.

The combined solution studied by the Pozzi Industries Group includes a new type of universal foaming fixture, the Saip Fastback foaming fixture and a suite of innovative polyurethane systems by Pozzi-Arosio which – together – guarantee optimal performance for this kind of application.

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The Saip Fastback foaming fixture uses a technology that is characterized above all by its versatility. In fact, the change of the molds of the various models takes place quickly and easily for the operator who is able to alternate the foaming molds automatically, during production. Thanks to this technology, the change of molds takes place without production stops, avoiding the inevitable dead times of molds adjustment or modification, which usually have to be faced, saving time and energy. The Saip Fastback Foaming fixture system can be used for both professional and domestic refrigerators.

Going into more detail of Saip Fastback technology : the foaming fixture “hat” houses two molds, one operating in the lower part, the other, located on the top in the gearbox waiting position. An upper platform will allow operator to store the desired number of molds while an integrated crane system will allow the molds to move into the translation position.

The mold change takes place by the “hat” rotation, in about 20 seconds. The side walls of the foaming fixture can be configured by HMI (human-machine interface) and therefore they adapt according to the dimension set; particularly important detail for the regulation of greater thicknesses insulation.

The foaming fixture has a totally electric lifting system.

The mixing system is the result of a study that takes into consideration the characteristics of the most common polyurethane systems and is aimed at enhancing the performances of each type of system. The position of each nozzle inside the foaming head is designed to ensure maximum homogeneity of the result. The head is also configured to accommodate a third stream.

The dosing system allows the special thicknesses of medical refrigerators to be foamed in an optimal manner and, in association with the system, allows the creation of refrigerators capable of operating at the temperature required for the storage and transport of the Pfizer anti-covid vaccine (-80°C).

Saip Fastback technology application : two of Saip’s main key clients, operating in the professional refrigeration sector, have already purchased and successfully used Saip Fastback technology:

The first is a big European company operating in the medical sector offering solutions for the transport, refrigeration and storage of vaccines ( including the Pfizer anti-covid vaccine), medicines and blood. They have confirmed an important order that includes a plant for the production of refrigerators, operating at -80°C.

The second one is a leading Spanish group, operating in professional refrigeration, which produces solutions for the food, medical and insulation sectors. It has been working with us for many years, not only purchasing Saip technology but also collaborating with the Group’s engineers to develop increasingly high-performance solutions in line with the needs of the market.

Other solutions for the transport of vaccines

The multi-station rotary table is now widely used in the medical sector; it has been developed by Saiptach, SAIP division conceived for special project.

This technology is characterized by a high degree of customization and, with respect to the medical sector, it is used for the foaming of small refrigerated boxes intended for the transport of medicines by hand on short distances or for the production of special refrigerated containers for backpack transport by bikers for urgent deliveries.

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As for the choice of the most suitable polyurethane system for the insulation of professional refrigerators, Pozzi-Arosio offers customer the possibility to choose between various options, among which:

  • A selection of tested polyurethane systems, which are characterized by strength, processability and high insulating capacity;
  • A new family of latest generation polyurethane systems, the result of the continuous process of improvement of Pozzi-Arosio products, wich are characterized by their very high insulation capacity.
  • Whatever will be the choice, Pozzi-Arosio is however able to customize the system and refine it according to the specific production needs of the customer. Ask our experts which is the best solution for your production necessity.

The POZZI INDUSTRIES GROUP, thanks to its widespread and diversified skills in the field of polyurethane, is able to provide consultancy and integrated solutions for the realization of any project, even turnkey projects. Contact us to realize your project with us.

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