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Sporting activities such as skiing, surfing, cycling, running, golf, jogging, football, gymnastics and more have to do with polyurethane to some extent.

Some examples. Boxing glove padding. Surfboard materials are based on special UV-A-resistant polyurethanes. Masks and goggles used in many sports activities. Saddles and seats for horses and motorbikes.
And there is more. The right soles for running and hiking – which seem to have no relation to the world of chemistry – come from the polyurethane industry and save many rubber trees that decades of felling have left nothing behind in many areas of the planet. Kick boards used to keep swimmers’ bodies afloat and allow free movement of the legs come from the polyurethane industry. The same applies to inline skate wheels… and much more.

Sport is everywhere, and so is polyurethane.


The categories interested in products that can be manufactured for the world of sport and technical equipment are professionals in the sector, such as: