In over 40 years of polyurethane history, Pozzi Arosio has gained experience, professionalism and expertise that allow it to offer the market a wide range of PU systems and to respond to new requests for technical and consumer applications that arrive at our laboratory daily.




To meet customers’ customisation needs, we also offer the technical service for optimising formulations, increasing yield and reducing production times according to the characteristics of the equipment used and the finished products to be produced.

Finally, we are able to manufacture PU systems on contract and provide distribution services through Intertrading, a company of Pozzi Industries group.


The application of polyurethane in various fields, both technical and consumer, creates new application ideas every day. Our challenge is to transform these needs into dedicated formulas that meet all the required characteristics.

It is thanks to our many years of experience, the skills of our technicians and our laboratory that we are able to satisfy even the most refined and complex needs of our customers.

In fact, our in-house laboratory is equipped with the latest generation of instruments and our technicians, who are constantly up-to-date and in contact with the best international R&D institutes, are able to develop multiple formulas that easily meet the requirements of individual projects.

Applications for thermal insulation (hot and cold), artistic decoration and furnishing (indoor and outdoor), automotive components (filters, seats, bumpers), for relaxation (memory cushions and seats), for sport and leisure (free climbing grips, technical accessories...) are just some of the solutions where the formulations of the new polyurethane systems achieve the required technical, economic and production characteristics.

The use of optimised polyurethane formulas is synonymous with efficiency, material savings and the guarantee of a satisfactory end result.

In addition to an experienced R&D department, we have a technical support service that follows the customer through the various projects and the introduction of new systems: our experience at the service of our customers.

The creation of small production batches requires flexibility that large companies rarely offer. For them, small quantities of formulas can mean efficiency losses and high costs.

Pozzi Arosio's strategy is to work with large industrial groups, enabling them to also serve this market segment at competitive costs.

This is why we have developed a flexible production capacity, capable of producing even small production batches efficiently and to a high quality standard, thanks to the scrupulous control of our Quality Assurance and Quality Control laboratories.

Small-volume distribution requires distribution flexibility and geographic capillarity out of scale for large manufacturers and distributors, resulting in higher costs, long inefficient pipelines and a non-optimised logistics system.

Thanks to Intertrading, a Pozzi Industries Group company specialising in the distribution of PU products, and to its network of customer contacts, Pozzi Arosio is able to provide sales and distribution services for PU formulas even where it is not convenient for large manufacturers to arrive.

It is part of our strategy to offer large PU companies sales, stocking and technical support of selected product lines.
Coverage, flexibility, experience, service and highly specialised personnel all in one.